The day after the day before…

So I do always love the feeling of waking up from that amazing sleep you have when you haven’t slept a wink the night before…I woke up thankful that I am sober and will be for a long time. Thankful for realizing that to have a good time I don’t need alcohol…

Still getting to grips with using this blog, I have been informed that I am at the moment number 5 on the feedspot top 10 sober blogs….not quite sure how

As a ironic twist today I won 4 tickets to the Races on a choice of either 2 dates int he next two months..I rarely enter competitions or call the radio but today was one of those rare accounts. My first thought when I won – “I won’t be able to drink” then “Maybe I can give myself a pass since it’s a one off prize.” How many times do I need to learn that all occasions could be classes as ‘one off’s’, every event or social gathering could and should be special and memorable, but not because alcohol is involved. I want to remember things for what they are not how pissed I was and how bad I felt the next day, which seems to just be getting increasingly worse (though it’s not so much the whole of the next day, it’s the fear during the night….the anxiety knowing that I’m going to feel crap is actually worse than the hangover…I have created a monster in my head).

Published by Sober Singer

A 30-something year old mum of 3 on a mission to life life alcohol free

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