6 thoughts on “I did it!!

  1. Well done!! Day one for me (Iv has lots of day ones!) and I’m looking forward to hearing how you manage the people who want you to drink at parties or home etc! I’m not a raging alcoholic I just like having a couple to “relax” but that’s a load of bollox! Good luck!


  2. Hello, I have long been absent from these blogs, managed nearly 18 months sober until 2017 and struggled since. Usual drinking not drinking but am back now and encouraged by what I am reading. Keep going, don’t give up. Justonemore


    1. Thank you so much for commenting, it’s great to know I’m not alone! Was thinking about having a drink earlier but it just seems such a long way to get back here that I knew it wasn’t worth it….

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      1. Honey, I’ve been at this for a long time and am still getting up and dusting myself off coz in the end its worth living AF (emphasis on the living). You are definitely not alone – there are 1000s, tens of thousands of us and its not your fault or any deficiency. Booze is a mind altering drug – do enough of it and it fucks with your mind. One day at a time. Today I will not pick up a drink. I don’t know about tomorrow yet but today I won’t drink. J

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