Sunday Sunday

So these Sunday afternoons are easily passed by with a vodka or four…going into Monday morning feeling groggy, guilty and tired from insomnia…. tomorrow won’t be like that, yet why do I feel compelled to go out and have “just one” at a pub…which may lead to two which by then I may as well go buy a little bottle to finish the night…. NO

I don’t want that, but I am craving it right now, not the downside I’m craving obviously just the safe, familiar….instead of the unknown….

I’m so much healthy now, food wise too I’m eating good food , I ran 10miles on Thursday, 3 yesterday and 6 today so I guess I’m finding it easier to be active too, which makes sense …thou shall not drink today!!

Just taking it one day at a time, not sure about tomorrow but I’m not drinking today!

Published by Sober Singer

A 30-something year old mum of 3 on a mission to life life alcohol free

8 thoughts on “Sunday Sunday

      1. Well i felt good not drinking last night and taking the car, I played with the kids on the beach, if I was drinking I would have sat back and chatted (to the people I don’t know or have interests with really) and let Mr A do the work

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      2. You live close to a beach? Now I’m really jealous. Next you’ll be telling me you run along it 😊 bet they loved that. It’s the little things like that we get back that make it worth while. I’ve taken a leaf out of your book and getting healthy food in. Thanks for being a good influence x

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