I’ve failed at staying dry..,but hear me out first…. I’ve been dry for 16 day (woo hoo) and my aim was to regain control…which I did,…now today I’ve felt guilty all day and beating myself up for drinking because of my blog but, here’s the but….it’s ok to have a slip,or It’s okay to set the clock back to day one with a new force ahead.

Published by Sober Singer

A 30-something year old mum of 3 on a mission to life life alcohol free

8 thoughts on “Failure??

      1. You havent let anyone down, it’s a marathon not a sprint. We can prop each other up throughout the whole journey. I’m so tempted tonight I’m already in bed. On a flipping Saturday 😂


      2. Bed is the best!!! That’s the thing you probably tempted because I’ve given up and been weakling…. no I’ve gone to the dark side because I have alcohol to use up 😩😩😩


  1. I would recommend the Jason Vale Kick The Drink Easily book. Right away he shatters the notion that us alcohol users are “in control”. It is an idea I am slowly coming to terms with. You are not in control if you’re constantly making deals about / trying to avoid something. He keeps talking about being free which is so appealing to me… don’t ask me how yet I am only three chapters in….and only two days into sobriety Hahahaha. But yes, just keep trying, over and over, as many time as it takes.

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